Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome to Dreammaiden's blog !


I decided to start this blog to celebrate all kinds of wacky and extreme sensations of being alive, and hopefully to find some other people as crazy as me to try some of them out! Nude skydiving is only one idea (albeit one of my favourites… :). However, most of the others I can think of also seem to feature nudity, funnily enough ;)

I hope to get a lot of comments, suggestions and even invitations to try out wild experiences through this blog. I hope I can also inspire you! Please also post your stories, pictures and videos !

NB: Whilst this is an adults-only blog it is not pornographic so I don’t want any posts like that, OK? Get a life! (If you are short of ideas how to get one, I hope this blog will help).

Oh and yes, if you try any of this at home, I am not responsible for the outcome! Please consult all relevant specialists you can think of first. Better still, invite them along !

Wild kisses,